Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services provided by AP European Union – Law & Projects, address the overarching techniques used in processes and through mechanisms that permit and facilitate an out-of-court resolution of a wide variety of disputes. Thanks to our network of mediators, we provide qualified expertise on negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and arbitration as efficient procedures alternative to litigation and applicable throughout different legal systems, within the EU and globally.

These processes can be implemented to prevent conflicts or settle existing disputes, on multiple subject matters: from commercial to inheritance and broader family law; from consumers’ rights to market dynamics and inter-sectorial contractual relations; and finally, they are progressively more relevant in interactions with national and supra-national Institutions.

AP European Union – Law & Projects provides ADR services as independent mediator and arbiter thus directly administering procedures, but also assists its clients as advisory counsel in negotiations, specialized drafter of conciliation contractual clauses, and multi-disciplinary trainer in the preparation to conciliation processes. In doing so we abide by the classic ADR’s common denominators: rapid, cost-effective, highly confidential, long-term sustainable, and nevertheless enforceable.

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