Culture & Values

Act Local, Think Global.

Legal analysis is fundamental for any decision-maker to have a clear picture of the potential risks implied in its activity. AP European Union – Law & Projects offers the services of a dynamic and reliable team capable of providing specialized and practical legal assistance towards pragmatic solutions with respect to national, European and/or International issues.

Our team can provide its services to the business community, whether small and medium sized companies or multinationals. Furthermore, we are also capable of assisting private clients with a high quality service for questions, amongst others, on freedom of movement for goods, capital and persons in the European Union (“EU”).

We aim to create a relationship of trust with our clients. For this purpose AP European Union – Law & Projects immediately enters into an active dialogue with its clients as in order to acquire the best possible perception of their organization, their strategies and their needs so that it can provide the most adequate service.

Our work often involves an international dimension. This requires a sound knowledge of EU and international law as well as in-depth linguistic competences. Our experienced team in European Affairs has a working knowledge of English, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish and it is also prepared to collaborate with specialized and reliable external Counselors.

AP European Union – Law & Projects seeks to meet its clients’ best expectations. As such it has developed a large and wide-ranging network of national and international contacts, be they in the legal profession or in other sectors, namely in the European Institutions and other key European and international organizations.

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Culture & Values

Business-orientation. Reliability. Team-work. Flexibility.

AP European Union – Law & Projects  has the goal of meeting the clients’ best expectations by anticipating the issues with a full understanding of all the potential hazards.

Our team believes that legal services in today’s market are best delivered through close relationships with clients. Hence, we approach each matter with a clear focus on our clients’ objectives and with a technical understanding of the business involved.

Our main goal is to relate both the legal and the business environments in which our clients can make their decisions.


To fully understand the client’s business and needs; to engage into an active dialogue with the client; to meet the client’s best expectations and make every effort to exceed them.


To ensure the best practices in order to deliver the best legal assistance; to permanently surpass our standards at every opportunity; to demand and get achieve the best of ourselves; to add value to our clients.


To work as a group in the respect of the multiculturality of the team; to work as a team with the client; to appoint the most specialized lawyers and consultants for each situation.


To be an international team, always available to the client; to work in collaboration with a wide variety of reliable lawyers and consultants across the world in order to provide extensive legal assistance in almost every country as regards European Affairs; to challenge and explore all possibilities as well as possible cutting-edge solutions; to take a balanced approach: to be cautious, yet flexible.

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